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Tiktok Challenges : UGC for Success !

Tiktok Challenges : UGC for Success !

TikTok’s hashtag Challenge invites users to post videos on a given theme by mentioning the Challenge concerned. In other words, it is a prompt for tiktokers to create User Generated Content… And it works!

35% of TikTok users are involved in challenges

But all challenges don’t meet the same fate. And in order to create a powerfull challenge, it is important to adapt it to the network and its users. The merger with the Musical.ly platform brought to TikTok users with a strong taste for choreography and other lip-sync.

The most commented, shared and liked videos of the most followed French influencer @leaelui (more than 9 million followers) are choregraphies whose style and song are covered by its many fans.

Lea Elui on TikTok

source: pentos.co

The Challenge can also be started as a contest but always in music! Once the challenge is launched, you are not done yet. You have to fuel the hashtag challenge with videos and post clear examples of what you expect from the community.

Clarins was very successful entering TikTok with a new range of products aimed at a younger audience. By launching different hashtag challenges perfectly relayed, the brand gets a commitment rate more than satisfactory.

My Clarins on TikTok

source: pentos.co

Unlike the simple hashtag on TikTok which, as other social networks, includes all the contents mentioning it, the hashtag challenge has a price : around 150 000 dollars for 6 days. The platform is committed to push your content forward. . A branded banner, a detailed description of the challenge and a great spot in the homepage of users. It is however possible to launch a “wild” hashtag as attempted by the brand Bioderma, but the task seems dauting and the results less encouraging.

#sebiumchallenge on TikTok

source: pentos.co

The TikTok network encourages its community to participate more and more in challenges, notably by putting forward videos of less followed people. The app’s algorithm does not highlight only most popular videos as other social networks. Any Tiktoker can therefore have the chance to be on the front page of the network … A very promising prospect for aspiring KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) of tomorrow.

Brands can leverage hashtag challenges as a real brand content generator as long as they understand how the network works, its codes and its users.

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