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Tiktok Challenges : UGC for Success !

Tiktok Challenges : UGC for Success !

Tiktok Challenges invite users to post content directed by the creator of the challenge. In other words, this is a TikTok UGC production.

The TikTok UGC is the basis of the platform. That’s why TikTok is starting to be so attractive for brands. User-Generated Content is a free ad. It always had an essential place in brand marketing. Challenges on Tiktok is the most popular way to get some Tiktokers Generated Content.

35% of users are involved in challenges.

How get User-Generated Content with Challenges?

Tiktok challenges take the shape of hashtag with a sentence or a word. Creators or brand marketing can launch a challenge sponsored (paid) or not.

All challenges on Tiktok are not successful. To generate Tiktok user’s content the #challenge has to be adapted to the network and its users. Tiktokers are making the rules. They like to dance, they like lip-sync, they like to prank.

The most commented, shared and liked videos of the famous French influencer @leaelui (more than 9M followers) are choreographies whose style and song are covered by her fans.

tiktok ugc


You can also launch a challenge as a contest but it’s better in music! Then you are not done, you need to fuel the hashtag with videos to show what you expect from the community.

Clarins was very successful in entering TikTok with a new range of products. The target was a younger audience. By launching hashtags fitly relayed, the brand gets a very high engagement rate.

Tiktok challenge for brands


If you are a brand, TikTok recommends a sponsored hashtag challenge (around 150 000 dollars for 6 days).

  • TikTok will push your content forward with its algorithm
  • you get a branded banner
  • a detailed description of the challenge
  • a great spot on the discovery page (#foryoupage).

Despite this, you can launch a "wild" # challenge. The good result is not sure. Bioderma tried to create a challenge without a Tiktok sponsoring and failed. It was at the beginning of TikTok, now we can have more information about challenges.
Tiktok challenges analytics tool


TikTok network wants the community to involve into challenges. The platform is pushing forward videos of anonymous creators. This way, anybody on TikTok can become popular with a viral video. Social networks in general highlight only the most popular videos. TikTok is not. Any Tiktoker can, therefore, have the chance to be on the front page of the network … A very promising prospect for aspiring KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) of tomorrow.

Brands can use TikTok as a brand content generator as long as they focus on the Tiktokers' rules and codes.

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