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What is an Influencer Engagement Rate ?

Engagement rate for social media influencers is used to measure the level of interaction they get on their content. It is focused on how the audience typically react when the user post a video (likes, comments, shares). This percentage highlights the popularity of a profile and is very important in social media marketing.

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Is Engagement Rate important on Tiktok ?

The average engagement is much higher on Tiktok than on Instagram. It means than Tiktok’s audience is more reactive than Instagram’s.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub , profiles on tiktok have the following average engagement rate:

  • 0–10K: 9.38%
  • 10K–100K: 8.43%
  • 100K–500K: 7.23%
  • 500K–1M: 4.88%
  • 1M–5M: 4.99%
  • 5M–10M: 3.35%
  • 10M+: 3.07%

Whereas on Instagram, a good engagement is over 3% and it is high over 6%. Therefore, this is very important for brands to check the impact of influencers on their community before setting up a partnership as part of a campaign and then to measure the effectiveness of their collaboration.

This high rate on Tiktok can be explained by the organic side of videos on Tiktok. Users want to keep things real even if they have a sponsor, and they work a lot on their personal story, so they get more sympathy and engagement.

How is the engagement calculated on Tiktok ?

There is no official formula. Every influencer audit tool is free to choose how to generate the engagement rate. According to many tests we made, we think the best recipe is

Engagement Rate = ((total number of comments + total number of likes + total number of shares ) / Total number of followers) * 100

The more followers a user has, the more difficult it will be to have a high score. That is the reason why micro-influencers can also have a great impact for a Tiktok campaign because their community like, comment and share their specific content.

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