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Taylor Swift is clearly one of the most viral musicians on the planet, especially on TikTok. She has tracks like Gorgeous, Cruel Summer, and Bejeweled that are always popular. In the middle of October, she had negative growth. This could be the result of fake user generated content being deleted in that timeframe. Its noteworthy that Cruel Summer and Bejeweled had more fake videos removed than Gorgeous. 

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Taylor Swift also grew more virally in July 2023-September 2023, growing more linearly in Q4 of the year. This almost perfectly lines up with Swift and Kelce’s dating timeline. Travis Kelce first attended Swift’s concert in July of 2023. TikTok’s song usage shows Taylor’s peak popularity. We continue to track TikTok as an indicator of Swifts fame and popularity. 

The Eras tour runs from March of 2023 through November of 2023 and resumes again in February of 2024. 

Full List of Taylor Swift's most popular songs on TikTok

The complete list of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs according to total TikTok videos posted using that song. New Videos (# and %) are counted from the previous 30 days. 

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Cover ArtTitleAlbumTotal VideosNew Videos (#)New Videos (%)Link
Album ArtCruel SummerThe More
Lover Chapter
2,300,00000.00%View on TikTok
Album Artcardiganfolklore -
deluxe version
1,600,00000.00%View on TikTok
Album ArtGorgeousreputation989,1008,8000.90%View on TikTok
Album ArtCruel SummerLover928,90012,1001.30%View on TikTok
Album ArtBejeweledMidnights691,900-10,600-1.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtAnti-HeroAnti-Hero615,000-1,700-0.30%View on TikTok
Album ArtNever Grow UpSpeak Now -
Deluxe Edition
444,7002,3000.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtSnow On The BeachMidnights397,4005,9001.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtAnti-HeroMidnights369,600-200-0.10%View on TikTok
Album Artoriginal sound300,300-2,500-0.80%View on TikTok
Album Artaugustfolklore -
deluxe version
280,300-2,400-0.90%View on TikTok
Album ArtLoverLover210,4002,5001.20%View on TikTok
Album ArtAll Too Well
(10 Minute Version)
(Taylor's Version)
(From The Vault)
(Taylor's Version)
201,1008,8004.40%View on TikTok
Album Art22
(Taylor's Version)
(Taylor's Version)
160,2001,9001.20%View on TikTok
Album Artexilefolklore134,5005000.40%View on TikTok
Album ArtKarmaMidnights116,40000.00%View on TikTok
Album Artmirrorballfolklore -
deluxe version
106,0009000.90%View on TikTok
Album ArtVigilante ShitMidnights95,1001,0001.10%View on TikTok
Album Artright where you
left me -
bonus track
evermore -
deluxe version
93,7001,0001.10%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnight RainMidnights83,5007000.80%View on TikTok
Album ArtMastermindMidnights80,7001,2001.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtLavender HazeMidnights78,1001,7002.20%View on TikTok
Album ArtLook What You Made
Me Do
reputation76,3003,6004.70%View on TikTok
Album ArtAll Too Well
(Taylor's Version)
All Too Well
(Taylor's Version)
57,8003000.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtEnchantedSpeak Now -
Deluxe Edition
45,60000.00%View on TikTok
Album ArtStyle198944,600-1,900-4.30%View on TikTok
Album ArtThe Great WarMidnights -
3am Edition
39,70000.00%View on TikTok
Album ArtLabyrinthMidnights30,7007002.30%View on TikTok
Album ArtParisMidnights -
3am Edition
28,7004001.40%View on TikTok
Album ArtMaroonMidnights27,6003001.10%View on TikTok
Album ArtSweet NothingMidnights26,8005001.90%View on TikTok
Album ArtQuestion...?Midnights20,00000.00%View on TikTok
Album ArtWould've, Could've,
Midnights -
3am Edition
18,2001000.60%View on TikTok
Album ArtThis Is Why We
Can't Have
Nice Things
reputation15,2004002.60%View on TikTok
Album Artchampagne problemsevermore14,7001,1007.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtBigger Than The
Whole Sky
Midnights -
3am Edition
13,1005003.80%View on TikTok
Album ArtNothing New8,135-29-0.40%View on TikTok
Album ArtHits Different
Target Exclusive Track
7,9241131.40%View on TikTok
Album Artbettyfolklore6,005-35-0.60%View on TikTok
Album ArtHigh InfidelityMidnights -
3am Edition
5,597150.30%View on TikTok
Album ArtGlitchMidnights -
3am Edition
4,782250.50%View on TikTok
Album Artoriginal sound3,691-19-0.50%View on TikTok
Album Artoriginal sound1,917-9-0.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtI LOVE THE FALL1,795-1-0.10%View on TikTok
Album ArtKarma
(feat. Ice Spice) -
Sped Up Version
(feat. Ice Spice) -
Sped Up Version
1,768130.70%View on TikTok
Album Artoriginal soundTaylor Swift1,653150.90%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnights Mayhem
episode 1
Taylor Swift1,172-9-0.80%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnights Mayhem
episode 2
Taylor Swift1,161-4-0.30%View on TikTok
Album ArtAnti Hero Roosevelt RemixTaylor Swift1,13920.20%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnights Mayhem
episode 8
Taylor Swift1,058-4-0.40%View on TikTok
Album Artoriginal soundTaylor Swift1,003-5-0.50%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnights Mayhem
episode 3
Taylor Swift987-2-0.20%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnights Mayhem
episode 5
Taylor Swift916-4-0.40%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnights Mayhem
episode 4
Taylor Swift85800.00%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnight Mayhem
episode 13
Taylor Swift845-3-0.40%View on TikTok
Album ArtIts a clockTaylor Swift807-2-0.30%View on TikTok
Album ArtMidnights Mayhem
episode 6
Taylor Swift774-3-0.40%View on TikTok

Taylor Swift - The queen of TikTok

Taylor Swift, an iconic figure in the music industry, needs no introduction. Renowned for her captivating voice, insightful songwriting, and magnetic stage presence, Swift has become a global sensation. With numerous chart-topping hits and a profound impact on pop culture, Taylor Swift’s influence extends far beyond the realms of music. As an artist who effortlessly reinvents herself with each album, she has embraced the evolving landscape of social media, including the vibrant world of TikTok. In this table, we present a curated list of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs on TikTok, showcasing the intersection of her timeless artistry with the dynamic trends of the digital age.

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Pentos is the leading song analytics tool for TikTok. Artists, managers, and labels use Pentos to track which of their songs are trending on TikTok.