How to go viral on Tiktok - Viral Evaluator Tool

The tool evaluates the viral score of any video on Tiktok in order to understand what works on the network and the best way to go viral.

Our tool evaluates the virality of each Tiktok video thanks to the engagement rate that we calculate with our own formula independently of the Bytedance group.

how to go viral on tiktok

Is it easy to go viral on Tiktok ?

We have seen Tiktok videos go viral when they were the first post of their creator. In contrary, we saw many tiktokers baiting to post videos according to very precise rules without none becoming popular ! So how to go viral on Tiktok ?

Some people say you should add popular hashtags, or use a viral song, participate to tiktok challenges. We noticed that most viral videos are tiktok dance or funny videos with animals, tiktok duet is also a good way to go viral. We wanted to ask the question to an expert Jayde Vincent “how do you go viral on Tiktok?”

How many likes to go viral on Tiktok ?

This is not a matter of likes or views, this is about comparing the audience’s interaction to your profile number of followers. With an average profile, at first the platform “tries” your video to evaluate its viral potential, then if you get many likes in a short time, your post has a good viral score. Some influencers have a lot a views and engagement but their videos are not viral because their tiktok profile are highlighted by the platform no matter what content they post. So all their videos are viewed many times and viral posts are noticed by a score much higher.

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How viral videos make money on Tiktok ?

There is a virtual money on Tiktok named coins wich allows brands to buy adverstising or in app purchase in China. However, tiktokers are not paid directly by the platform like youtubers who earn around 4,5$ per 1000 views (approximately). The the main source of earnings for a tiktok influencer is the partnership with brands or record label. Promoting a song could be easier because all videos use one. To promote a brand, it will be necessary to be more subtle to keep the authentic side of the content and please its audience.

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