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Why TikTok viral potential is driving music industry crazy.

Why TikTok viral potential is driving music industry crazy.

With its viral potential, TikTok is becoming a real springboard for emerging artists. They can be popular in a very short space of time.

Lil Nas X won the 2019 CMA awards for Musical Event of the Year. He was 19 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 (a record since 1958). It was not a surprise for the young rapper who is legendary today. However, one year ago he was completely anonymous.

lil nas x CMA awards

Lil Nas X with his “Old Town Road” blew up on Tiktok with the YeeHaw challenge. People were switching into cowboy outfits, dancing on the song. The influencer nicemichael asked Lil Nas X the permission to download his western song on Tiktok. He created a choreography on it as usual on the platform, and it became viral! A few months later, Lil Nas X signed with the label Columbia Records.

He is now announcing a break from music after 7 months of madness. Great idea to keep a cool head.

“Old Town Road” is not an isolated case. We can already list many songs like “Lalala” or “coincidance” discovered on Tiktok. Actually, any song has a viral potential as long as people can dance or sing on it. The best to go viral is when the lyrics are easy to play with everyone.

tiktok artists

The biggest challenge for the music labels is to sign as fast as possible the emerging artists on Tiktok. As soon as an influencer downloads a song from an indie artist, he/she can be the next Lil Nas X.

Tiktok understood the rush and created Spotlight. They are trying it in Japan and Korea. This is a program to promote indie and unsigned artists. Artists download their songs themselves. If the program accept them, the song is available all over the world on the platform. Tiktok launched the contest with the collaboration of 21 labels in March 2019. After 5 months of contest, the platform highlighted its top 100.

tiktok spotlight

Bytedance seems to grow the role of Tiktok into the music industry. Many rumors are running about TikTok buying Jukedeck but they did not confirm yet. Jukedeck allows you to create your own music with IA. We also heard that Tiktok is becoming a new streaming platform like Apple or Spotify. Nothing is official. But for sure, Tiktok is not only a network platform and music can be the next step.

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