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TikTok Marketing - The Basics

TikTok Marketing - The Basics

You already know that TikTok has a world-wide user base of over 500 million people and that it was the number one most installed app of Janurary 2020. You understand the tremendous opportunity that the platform represents, especially with key under-30 demographics. You understand why you and your brand should be represented on TikTok. You just don’t know how to do it…

TikTok Marketing 101

It doesn’t take a Don Draper-like intellect to grasp the core points of marketing on TikTok. As we lay out the main ideas about working with the platform you’ll begin to see parallels between marketing on TikTok and other influencer driven social media networks.

Basic TikTok Marketing is about understanding the 5 core advertising products that the platform offers.

TikTok Core Ad Products

In-feed Ads

These are the ads that are going to seem the most familiar from time spent on other sites. In-feed ads are the kind that show up in the middle of your scrolling and play before returning you to your regular video feed. Ads are the same maximum length as regular content, so they don’t come with a skip button like YouTube. And because they are shorter than a regular ad spot, they don’t interrupt the user experience like an ad on a long-form video platform, like Hulu. According to TikTok, in-feed ads are a great way to “tell you brand story like a TikTok creator” which should give your brand a boost of that most scarce of new media currency- authenticity.

TikTok Core Ad Products

Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeovers are three to five-second ads that appear when the user starts the app, before regular content is loaded. Presented as either a full-screen static image or a dynamic GIF, these ads are made to grab the user’s attention. Even better, each Brand Takeover is tied to a specific category, in which there can only be one brand per day. With its up-front delivery and by-design exclusivity, Brand Takeovers are the best choice for getting noticed.

TikTok Core Ad Products

Branded Effects

If you’ve every seen a video of someone with super imposed cat ears or virtually augmented facial features than you are familiar with the kind of effects available on TikTok. What’s unique here is the ability to deploy a custom branded effect for TikTok creator’s to use. This option promises inspired, user created content that features your brand in a starring role.

TikTok Core Ad Products

Hashtag Challenges

Often involving a prize for the most viewed video, Hashtag Challenges are another great way to drive user engagement and raise brand recognition. Users create videos that often tie into the theme of the hashtag, lending a sense of authenticity to the content. Hashtag Challenges, while not unique to TikTok, perform exceptionally well on the platform. For example, Kind Bars #kindsimplecrunchcontest garnered 18 Million views in its first 24 hours.

TikTok Core Ad Products

TopView Ads

The Cadillac of TikTok ads, TopView ads are billed as “a video format that presents your brand on the best and most unmissable placement” on the app. Like a Brand Takeover Ad, TopView ads play before the user is taken to their video feed, ensuring “full user attention”. But instead of static content, TopView ads are full high def video. For those brands with a big budget, TopView ads are an excellent choice.

TikTok Core Ad Products

Ready to get started?

Armed with this new knowledge, we hope that you feel empowered to start advertising on TikTok. Pentos.co, with its powerful, customizable analytics, is ready to help you plan the right TikTok marketing strategy, no matter which route you choose. Once you’ve started a campaign, Pentos is here to help you gauge its effectiveness, ensuring that your valuable advertising dollars are leading to maximum benefit.

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