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How to Use Tiktok in Your Marketing Strategy With Alessandro Bogliari CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory

How to Use Tiktok in Your Marketing Strategy With Alessandro Bogliari CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory

Alessandro Bogliari, Co-Founder & CEO Of The Influencer Marketing Factory, the first marketing agency for Tiktok platform, explains how to built a strong marketing strategy on Tiktok.

The TikTok marketing strategy is the future for brands because it's the perfect platform for influencer marketing. But TikTok has its own rules so we asked an influencer marketing expert, Alessandro Bogliari, how to think a strategy.

Since when did you start working with TikTok?

We have been maybe the first agency (if not, one of the first 2-3) in the world, offering TikTok influencer marketing already in March 2019.

I started watching over 1 year ago TikTok compilation of YouTube. It was mostly “cringe and weird” type of videos compilation (YouTubers were mocking TikTok at the time), but I understood that there was definitely interest, especially since it was missing an alternative to Vine and musically has been already acquired by Bytedance. Millions of views on YouTube only on compilation meant interest and also the type of video was so different from Instagram and YouTube that I remember I thought : something is changing in social media.

Do you recommend any brands to use Tiktok for their marketing strategy?

No. TikTok is so different from any other social media. If you are selling a B2B service is not for you. If you have a song to promote TikTok is perfect. If your company has a serious brand reputation, TikTok is not for you. If you want to promote a new pair of shoes or a new beauty product in a funny way, TikTok is the go-to.

A brand has to be in touch with younger generations if it doesn’t want to slowly “die”. The most important thing is not to completely change its tone of voice or brand values just to be accepted by Gen Z.

A good example for a brand would be creating a hashtag challenge that is in line with the other trends on TikTok (have to be funny and entertaining). A bad example would be if a brand pretends to force a TikTok influencer in using another tone of voice (maybe more corporate) and misleading tiktok for another social media channel (e.g Instagram) and completely miss the relationship with TikTok users.

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What is the difference between Instagram and Tiktok in influencer marketing?

Instagram allows every influencer with at least 10k followers to send traffic via Instagram Stories (swipe up), whilst TikTok doesn’t offer this yet (right now only a selection of TikTokers can add a link in bio)

Tiktok is new, it’s funny, it’s easy to get viral. With a fraction of the same budget, you would spend on Instagram, you can get in front of 20M+ Gen Z users. At the moment, an organic influencer marketing campaign with our agency starts from 10k$ and it can be huge, collecting 20M+ views and 5,000-10,000 UGC videos. Instagram influencers are older and mostly work a lot on the content itself, in order to make it usually more ads than organic content. TikTok influencers instead work more on the storytelling than the promotion itself, and that why this approach is liked more by Gen Z, because they are not pushing too much the sponsorship.

A brand can’t think TikTok as it was YouTube or Instagram and can’t force influencers to talk in a certain way about their product. TikTok influencers are the ones that know about their own Gen Z audience, so it’s better if the brand trusts the TikToker.

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Have you got tips to get viral on TikTok?

Create a hashtag challenge that almost everyone can recreate (an easy dance for example) Challenge is important because it is the best way to get real UGC without having to invest too much. A challenge is felt as authentic and a lot of people want to participate to be on a trend. All the time we organize a TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign we have a project manager that select the right influencers and think together about the best challenge to organize based on the clients' brand values and goals to achieve.

Use a catchy song that can be used in different “acting scenes”, one example is “Sober Up” by AJR that start saying “Hello, hello - I’m not where I’m supposed to be” that can be used in so many funny videos.

How an influencer can highlight a sponsor on Tiktok?

Use the product (can be physical or an app) in an entertaining way, in order to soft-sell it instead of going for a hard-selling promotion that won’t be appreciated on TikTok. Instead, if the product itself is a song (and the promotion is paid by a music label), launch a hashtag challenge and use the song as soundtrack, in that way it will get in front of millions of people in a soft way and will still be listened and won’t be perceived as a paid promotion but as an organic integration in a trend.

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